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Lampuuk & Lhoknga Beach : Surfing in North Sumatra

Beautiful white sand beaches are awaiting you, prepared for relaxing and also some world-class surfing and kite surfing in Lampuuk Beach and...
Beautiful white sand beaches are awaiting you, prepared for relaxing and also some world-class surfing and kite surfing in Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach! 

Lampuuk & Lhoknga Beach : Surfing in North Sumatra

You will find two amazing shores of only 15 km (approximately 20 minutes drive) from Banda Aceh: Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach!   Beautiful white sand beaches are all awaiting you, prepared for relaxing and some world-class surfing and kite surfing. 

Both shores are attached and pay about 5 kilometres of sand. You are facing the Indian sea. This an excellent destination for surfers and beach potatoes.

Surfing Season in Lampuuk Beach and Lhoknga Beach 

begins around the end of October through to the end of April.  The remainder of the time that it is Kite Surfing Season from May -- October. Lhoknga Beach is right confronting the Indian Ocean and has become famous for it's surfing. 

Lhoknga Beach gets the best of surf conditions using a left-hand split, proper hand break and A-frame surf all in precisely the same shore.

Lhoknga shore features world-class waves throughout the North East monsoon with ideal barreling waves, ranging from 2-6ft abundant, 4 reefs smashes incomplete.

It's still possible to browse some shore breaks the remainder of the year in"Ciment mill" or in"Leupung shore" throughout the kiting year from May until the end of September.

In the western end of the Lhoknga shore is a river that's excellent for paddle skating.  It's possible to paddleboard up the river several km. 

The river can also be great for fishing. Lampuuk Beach is the nearest beach to Banda Aceh, around 20 minutes drive from the town center.

Lampuuk Beach is about 2 km long that wraps around a huge bay -- This makes Lampuuk Beach excellent for swimming pool. On the west side of this Lampuuk Beach, you locate a carpark area that has plenty of food alternatives and restaurants. 

On the weekends, particularly Sundays, this region is packed with local folks from Banda Aceh who are enjoying their day away at the shore.

There are a few water sports available such as banana boat rides. Are you into hiking?  In the southern end of the bay of Lampuuk Beach, mountains are excellent for hiking, with a lot of lovely plants and a few cheeky monkeys. If you enjoy kitesurfing, you discovered your place in Banda Aceh at the North Sumatra. 

Especially in the Dark Sand Spot, you locate excellent conditions: warm seas, beautiful scenery and ideal kiting conditions! Most exceptional season in Lampuuk and Lhoknga Beach: from May to the start of October (the trade winds, known as Angie Barat', are out of the south to the west and blow at between 10 to 30 knots based upon the day, sometimes more).

As an alternative, you can organize your journey between January and mid-March: The Timor Padang blows in between 10 to 25 knots, with the wind in the north-east.

The Dark Sand Spot

The Dark Sand Beach creates a semi-circle about 6km long involving the sea, jungle and mountains.  The zone near the shore offers little waves in regular intervals between which you may kitesurf on significant flat areas (frequently with the end side on).

A bit farther out, you can attempt wave-riding in waves of about 1m large.  Whenever there's a swell, stick to the left of this place to ride the biggest, frequently with a contrary wind.

Access to the shore is simple, and you'll be able to begin or complete straight from the bud.  Other areas Downwind's may also happen within this field (notice, ask carefully as the tsunami left debris and traces a bit all over the area ). 

You may also try the cities across Babaduah Beach (a paradisiacal beach which may be amazing with a westerly wind), Lampuuk Point (a level place which may be navigated just at high tide), and Lhoknga Beach (a haunted apartment place that does nevertheless have a strong presence).


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